The American Bobtail cat is not a very widely seen cat. This is a relatively new breed, having appeared in the late 1960s. The most distinctive feature of this feline is the stubby tail that it has. The tail has a bobbed appearance and can be anywhere from a third to half the length of the tails of other cats.

The bobbed tail is the result of a genetic mutation that is caused by a dominant gene, which means that the majority off offspring from an American Bobtail will have significantly shorter tails than the average cat.

A sturdy and stocky cat, the American Bobtail can take up to three years to full mature, which is significantly slower than many other breeds of domestic cats. They have large feet and muscular legs; their toes may have tufts of fur between them, which is something many cat owners find to be endearing. They have medium-sized eyes and ears on a broad head that also has a broad muzzle.

Their coats can be shorthaired or longhaired and tends to be shaggier rather than being fluffy or dense.

People who live with Bobtails believe them to be highly energetic with high levels of intelligence that can even have them opening doors and travel crates if they are so inclined. American Bobtails are friendly, sociable, and playful and have been described as being almost like dogs in that they will happily learn to play fetch. These wonderful cats have friendly personalities that make them ideal for a household with children and other animals; they have even been known to allow small children to pick them up, carry them around, and lay on top of them.

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