American Wirehair

The American Wirehair cat is closely related to the American Shorthair cat and is, in fact, as a result of a spontaneous mutation of the breed. In 1966, a litter of kittens was born in New York to barn cat parents. One of the kittens had wiry fur, which caught the attention of a cat breeder in the area. The breeder purchased the odd little kitten and one of his littermates in order to start breeding them to see if the mutation would continue.

The breeding resulted in litters of wirehaired kittens that were purchased by other cat breeders who aided the population in expanding as far as Germany. The gene for the wirehaired coat is a dominant gene, which means that any cat bred with a Wirehair will produce offspring with wirehaired coats.

Similar in build to the American Shorthair, the American Wirehair is a lean, muscular, and sturdy cat. His coat is wiry, springy, and very closely resembles the wirehaired coats of many terriers. Their whiskers, tails, and even the fur in their ears are wirehaired and springy. American Wirehairs can have any color coat seen in cats, from tabbies to tortoiseshells to calicos and even solid colors. They have a very pronounced muzzle, a rounded head, and golden eyes.

Their temperament closely matches their American Shorthair cousin in that they are easy-going and happy cats that are sociable and curious. Affection cats that love spending time with their families, the American Wirehair is a popular choice for a family pet.

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