American Curl

Characterized by unusual curling ears, the American Curl cat is an interesting breed. Their ears curl back, away from their face, and towards the back of their head. In order to avoid damage to the delicate cartilage in their ears, it is important that their ears be handled with a lot of care. Their ears also require a bit of gentle cleaning as they are much more prone to infections.

When American Curl kittens are born, their ears are born straight, just like the majority of other cat breeds. However, within 10 days of their birth, their ears will start to slowly curl backwards. By the time that the kittens reach four months of age, their ears will no longer continue to progress backwards and their ears will be stiff to the touch. There is often a fair amount of variance in how far back their ears curl, with cats that are intended for show preferred to have ears curling in at least a ninety-degree angle.

American Curl cats can be both shorthaired and longhaired, but their coats will all be silky and soft. Their coats lay down flat on their bodies and don’t require much in the way of specialized grooming to keep healthy. A medium-sized cat who should not grow much larger than 10 pounds, this breed is incredibly health with great immune systems. They also tend to be free of all of the genetic defects that plague so many other purebred cats.

These cats are intelligent and sociable. They often enjoying nothing more than spending quality time with the humans they live with.

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