Ecuador Introduced Their First Ever Dental Assistant Dog, Named Aldo

Humans started having dogs as companions over 12,000 years ago. Dogs helped humans hunt, guard, and tow belongings. Nowadays, a dog’s abilities offer us even more; there are new occupations for dogs that make their relationship with humans much stronger. Dogs can be:

  • Service dogs
  • Therapy dogs
  • Police dogs
  • Military working dogs
  • Detection dogs
  • Search-and-Rescue dogs
  • Herding dogs

You can never doubt the skills and capability of a dog to do good work. Canines continue to amaze and bring goodness to this world. One dog from Ecuador just added a brand-new occupation for their kind. Parque Dental has a dog employee named Aldo. He is the resident dental assistant dog who serves as emotional support for kids. Dental procedures can be quite scary and overwhelming for young ones, and Aldo is doing a great job relieving their anxious thoughts.

Dogs have proven their ability to comfort and instantly boost a person’s mood. They have this charm that washes away all worries, even with just a nudge, hug, lean, or just a look. That is Aldo’s job in the dental clinic, and he was trained to interact with kids and accompany them throughout the appointment. Aldo was featured on a social media page called We Rate Dogs.

His social media presence widened with this feature. The tweet has gained 50k likes shortly after uploading, and netizens are flooding it with replies. Some people even shared photos of their own dogs keeping them company while they undergo a procedure. One Twitter user even shared a tweet that said, “Why doesn’t every dentist office have a dental assistant dog?” Who wouldn’t want that, right? Even adults are asking for dogs like Aldo.

Parque Dental also posted a video of Aldo on their Instagram account. In the video below, you can definitely see how assuring Aldo’s presence is for the kids in the dental clinic. A warm furball of relief is all they need to get through a dentist appointment.

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