The Akita is a working breed dog known for his large size, powerful body and alert tendencies. Known to star in the dog show circuit now and again, this breed is a popular contestant. In addition to being a working dog, the Akita is also known to compete in performance competitions as well as complete work as a therapy dog. With its trademark thick, double coat and easy to spot curled tail, the Akita is as beautiful as it is useful.

The Akita is a quiet dog, but also a wonderful guard dog. In Japan, where the Akita originates from, this breed was a common hunting dog.

Akitas do have a tendency to be a bit hyper and perhaps aggressive at times, therefore, they may not be the best possible dog to choose if there are other animals or children in the home. The Akita will need constant grooming as well as a good amount of daily exercise to keep him fit, healthy and happy.

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