Meet LiLou: The World’s First Airport Therapy Pig Hogging All The Attention

For most of us, when we go on vacation the fun really begins after the airport. No one really likes to fly, we just like what flying represents to us once we make our destination: a break from the real world. And in order to get there, everyone must go through the soul-crushing hell that is the airport.

But there is a bit of a silver lining for those of you who frequent the airport of San Francisco. And it might even be an incentive to get to the airport that bit quicker: a therapy pig!

As reported by Reuters, LiLou the Juliana pig is a member of San Francisco International Airport’s “Wag Brigade” – a therapy animal program which was conceived as a means to help ease stress and anxiety amongst travelers.

Besides her adorable little snout and potbelly, you should keep an eye out for LiLou’s signature captain’s hat and red nail polished hooves. She can be spotted throughout the airport on any given day greeting guests. Anyone who is tired, stressed, anxious, or would just like a pick-me-up can count on LiLou to provide some much-needed comfort. This little pig is happy to pose for selfies, play you a song on her toy keyboard, or just let you scratch her head.

After a hard day’s work at the airport, LiLou goes home to the San Francisco apartment that she shares with her owner, Tatyana Danilova. When she’s not working, LiLou enjoys daily walks and organic vegetable snacks. This little piggy even has her own Instagram page.

San Francisco isn’t the only international airport who is recognizing the importance of having therapy animals for travelers. Other airports are embracing them as well. The Wag Brigade program out of San Francisco also has a number of dog staff as well. And earlier this year, the Aberdeen Airport in Scotland implemented its own “canine crew” of trained dogs in order to help passengers feel safe and at ease. And in a Kentucky airport, there are even miniature therapy horses! According to the San Francisco Airport, LiLou is the world’s first airport therapy pig.

Watch LiLou as she works her charms in the video below:

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