Missing Stuffed Cow Gets Reunited With Baby Owner, Thanks To A Thoughtful Traveler and Airport Staff

What stuff are stuffed toys made of?

Cotton, and more cotton. And the love of a child.

Upon seeing the small, adorable stuffed cow at the McNamara Terminal by the water feature, a traveler named Mary knew a child must be missing it a lot. She quickly contacted the staff at the Detroit Metro Airport so its owner could be found.

Detroit Metro Airport warmly welcomed the stuffed cow and started the adventurous quest for its owner. The stuffed cow was an active part of the thrilling adventure, as the airport staff showed the toy around the airport as if it had the liveliness and curiosity of a child.

They also got busy posting on social media, hoping to find the owner who must be yearning for its companionship. The stuffed cow sweetly reminded them of their own childhood, when the world was as infinite as the imagination.

Stuffed toys help a lot in development a child’s creativity and social skills, because, to a child, a stuffed toy is as real as wizards and fairies. And during stormy nights, stuffed toys offer warmth and comfort that can come only from true friends.

This was why the airport staff were ardent in finding the stuffed cow’s owner; a child must be terribly missing its best friend!

At last, the Detroit Metro Airport found the stuffed cow’s cute and loving owner, Baby Rae! And they also discovered that the stuffed cow’s name is Austin!

Excitedly, they arranged the reunion between the two best friends.

Watching Baby Rae’s reaction upon seeing Austin surely made their quest worthwhile!

You too can experience this pure child-like joy by watching the video below!


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