Couple Raises Plans To Raise Over $100,000 For Animal Shelters In 2020 By Taking Dynamic Pet Portraits

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case pictures are worth over $100,000 to animal shelters across the country.

Self-taught photographer Adam Goldberg started out taking photos of shelter animals at Humane Society Broward County. He moved to Tampa, Florida, and volunteered at Humane Society Tampa Bay to take photos of the shelter pets to help them find loving homes. He met his wife, Mary, during a photo shoot of a guinea pig named GP and the rest is history.

Photos: AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

Mary and Adam Goldberg bonded over their love of rescue animals and decided to make it a full-time job. AGoldPhoto Pet Photography was developed in 2016 with Adam as the lead photographer and Mary as the brand manager. The couple travel around the country hosting Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers and bring their two rescue dogs, Rigby and Bee, along for the ride.

AGoldPhoto Pet Photography does not take the traditional pet photos, but instead gravitates towards dynamic photos that allow the animal’s personality to shine. They also want to feature the pet just as they are or as the couple calls it “artistic nudity”, so no outfits.

Photos: AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

The unique style of photography quickly caught the eye of adoring pet parents. The couple now hosts Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers, meant for dogs, that give back to animal shelters in Florida and multiple other states. People that are interested in having their cat, horse, turtle or any other pet photographed is asked to schedule a private session.

The sessions are usually held at craft breweries and parents can expect to pay at least $155 for the session. It includes $80 for the sitting fee, $50 of which is donated to the benefiting charity, and 5 digital edited photos that really capture your dog’s personality.

Photos: AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

The photos speak for themselves. Dogs are photographed with their mouths open as they attempt to catch treats and others are making silly faces. One happy pet parent said, “I highly recommend AGoldPhoto. They made my dog so comfortable and she loved every second of her photo shoot. The photos…OMG the photos!! The photos came out amazingly hysterical and totally captured my girl’s silly personality!”

Over the past three years, they have raised over $160,000 for 50 animal shelters and charities. However, they plan to do even more next year. They have set a goal for 2020 of photographing 2,000 pets in 365 days, raising an additional $100,000 for shelter pets.

Photos: AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

So how do they choose which shelter or charity to help? In the beginning, Adam said, “When I first started in 2016, I reached out to every animal shelter in Florida I could find an email address for.

“As time went on, we started getting recommendations from previous clients. Mostly the shelter or rescue where they adopted their dog or cat from.”

Photos: AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

Now, they have a form on their website that allows shelters to requests fundraisers. “Now, we do take requests, but as much as we would like to help as many as we can, we aren’t able to set up events for everyone that reaches out,” Adam said.

They already have photo shoots planned in Florida, California, Texas, Colorado and Georgia. Sign up now to reserve a spot! If your state is not listed you can make a request on their website for them to come to your city.

Photos: AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

Check out their Instagram for adorable photos that are guaranteed to make your day. “Mary and I are very excited to continue our mission and raise even money for animal charities all over the US. We’re fortunate to wake up every day and love what we do.”

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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