This African Grey Parrot Loves To Take Showers And It Couldn’t Be Cuter!

We’ve seen dogs who love taking showers, and even cats who like them…but have you ever seen a bird who enjoys them?! Well, you have now! Abaddon, a 2-year-old Congo African Grey Parrot, absolutely loves a nice shower every now and then! Of course since he is so little, his shower takes place in the kitchen sink instead of a real shower.

He’s standing in the sink as the faucet is running, and he dips his little beak under the water. Then he flaps his wings and gets his belly wet. He begins to make cute little sounds as he lets the water run down his body. After a little bit he walks onto the counter to take a little break and then he goes right back in the sink and under the water. According to his owner, he takes a “shower” every 2-8 months. So of course they’ve got to get it on camera!

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