Afghan Hound

When you see an Afghan Hound, you may immediately think, “show dog.” And, for the most part, this is true. Afghan Hounds are seen quite often during dog shows and win quite a bit as well. But Afghan Hounds are so much more than simply show dogs. These dogs are excellent hunting dogs and wonderful family pets as well.

They are large so they need a bit of roaming space, however, they acclimate well to their surroundings overall. Afghan Hounds stand between 25 to 27 inches high at the shoulder and weigh between 50 to 60 pounds.

Originating in Afghanistan in the 19th century, the Afghan Hound has a calm demeanor and can be aloof at times. Yet, these dogs love their owners and family members. They do well with individuals of all ages and are gentle in spite of their large size. They are loyal dogs to have in the home and will defend their family members.

If you are thinking of getting an Afghan Hound, just make sure you are up for the constant grooming as this breed has a luxurious yet abundant coat which needs to be tended to on a frequent basis.The coat is long and silky, but can get tangled from time to time. Commit to grooming this dog regularly at home or schedule regular appointments with a professional dog groomer.

Also, make sure that your Afghan Hound will have a good place to get lots of exercise on a daily basis. A large fenced-in yard is ideal to allow this dog to run, play and get the necessary amount of exercise each day. His large frame necessitates constant exercise so that he can stretch his legs and get in a good run now and again.

The Afghan Hound is a perfect large dog, whether you are planning to take your pup on the dog show circuit or simply have them as a family pet.

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