The Affenpinscher is a perfect pet for the family who likes their pup to be entertaining, fun and lovable. Translated from “monkey-terrier” in German, this playful dog is full of energy and can get into a bit of trouble now and again, but all with fun in mind.

The Affenpinscher comes from Central Europe and is an intelligent toy dog. Often used as a ratter in the past, this breed used to be responsible for keeping homes and farms free from mice and other rodents. The Affenpinscher usually has a dark-colored coat, such as black and gray, but can have coats of other colors as well, including varying shades of red, beige and tan. Standing between nine and 11 inches tall at the shoulder, this small dog is perfect for those who live in smaller homes and apartments.

Affenpinschers are popular family dogs because they are good with children and keep the kids entertained. The Affenpinscher shows great loyalty to his owner and would be a perfect companion for those who bring this toy dog into their home. Their wire coat is easy to groom and this breed is quite simple to care for overall. As with any dog, the Affenpinscher enjoys daily walks and likes to frolic outside as well as play indoors. By giving the Affenpinscher enough outdoor playtime each day, they are more likely to be on their best behavior while indoors.

The Affenpinscher is a confident dog breed who often acts like a large dog breed. Although usually fairly quiet, they become much more vocal when threatened or protecting their family. Overall, if an intelligent, lovable and small dog is what you are searching for in a dog, the Affenpinscher is a good type of dog to consider.

Watch this amazing video below and learn more about this beautiful breed of dog with Animal Planet’s Dog’s 101. Be sure to visit their YouTube Channel.

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