The 7 Most Affectionate and Child-Friendly Cat Breeds for Your Family

There is a certain misconception that cats generally are unaffectionate and often ignore humans. It has always been an inside joke between pet parents — lots of memes and videos about this misconception are shared online. Cats are also known for facial features that seem to be judging all the time — it’s like they are staring right into your soul. These cat personalities are based on the sole reason that they are independent creatures. Felines do not consistently crave socialization, and it’s not because they hate humans — personal space is just essential for them, and they’re programmed to spend lots of time alone.

Despite their need for alone time, cats are capable of showing love to their humans. Many families love the company of cats, especially with little children at home. Cats are also low-maintenance pets, making them perfect for families living on a tight schedule. You’ll definitely love their company, as they will show you affection even with minimum attention. Cats can also look out for your kids — they can be excellent nannies. There are certain cat breeds perfect for the job description. You need to take note of these cat breeds, especially if you want a family and pets too.

The Most Affectionate Cat Breeds for Your Family

Maine Coon

The lovely Maine Coon can adapt well to its surroundings — whether around adults, kids, or even dogs. They are known for great personalities, such as being friendly and smart cats. A Maine Coon might grow bigger than a regular-sized cat but rest assured that they are gentle giants. Their long thick fur makes them the perfect cuddle buddies for your kids. Maine Coons also love to play a game of fetch, which your kids will enjoy.


The tailless feline is a playful and gentle companion for kids. With their cute rounded appearance, your kids will definitely love them. A Manx is known as a cat with dog-like characteristics — which explains why they are sociable even for a cat. Pet owners won’t have trouble training a Manx because they are brilliant cats.

Bengal Cat

These cats are proven to be child-friendly and affectionate. Bengal cats are capable of socializing and easily build a bond with humans. This cat breed has a loyal and playful personality — not to mention intelligent and trainable. Although sociable, it’s recommended to familiarize them with kids and dogs as a kitten. It will be easier to build a relationship with a Bengal cat in the early years of its life.


This adorable cat breed is not just good-looking but also has a gentle personality. Ragdolls have excellent qualities that make them perfect for a family with many kids. Aside from being independent, Ragdolls are laid-back cat breeds — making them not easily irritated by noisy and playful children. Ragdolls will even play with kids with their claws retracted — an assurance that cats care for their little human friends.

Himalayan Cats

A Himalayan cat will be found sleeping around the house for hours — saving up its energy to play and run around again. They are intelligent and playful cats that can entertain your kids at home. Himalayan cats are generally friendly and would love to snuggle with you on your bed. This cat breed loves to accompany humans, making them excellent nannies for kids.


Energetic kids won’t bother this beautiful cat breed because they have great tolerance for children. Siamese cats are also vocal and would love to communicate with their human companions. Although independent, Siamese cats prefer a companion over being alone for long hours. Their love for human interaction makes them suitable for your kids. Siamese cats love to cuddle and play — these cats will be your kids’ best friend in no time.


Energetic and playful, Persians are commendable playmates for your kids. They are famously known as family cats. Persians might love to play but can become calm and collected at home. They would enjoy one lazy afternoon just lounging with their favorite humans in the living room. Persians are patient and unbothered when kids become too noisy and playful around them. It’s also important to note that although sociable, Persian cats take their personal time seriously and might disappear for a while if needed.

Cats Beating the Standoffish Misconception

People shouldn’t be generalizing cats, as they have individual personalities, just like humans. There are reasons why cats remain standoffish — they might be scared or stressed, leading to unfriendly behavior. Nevertheless, cats are capable of loving humans — patience is essential to help them get out of their shells. Their love is unconditional and displays loyalty at its best.

Your kids will love the company of the cat breeds listed above. These cats will help you raise children in a home filled with warmth and affection. Being loved by a cat from childhood can provide your kids with precious memories until they become grownups.

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