Here’s An Aerial View Of Sheep Being Herded. Make Sure To Watch The Top Left On The Screen!

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Not many people have witnessed a large number of sheep being herded before, and if you have, I bet you haven’t see it like THIS! This birds eye view gives us a unique and incredible view of how sheep are herded. After watching the whole video, you may feel like you’re in a hypnotic state. It almost looks like optical illusions happening before your eyes, and it’s weirdly relaxing!

These sheep are being herded across New Zealand’s grassland and the footage was taken by aerial photographer and pilot Tim Whittaker. We also can’t forget that none of this would be possible without the amazing herding dogs! They do a great job keeping all of these sheep in line; And interestingly enough, sheep are able to follow direction so well due to natural instincts. They have a innate tendency to follow the sheep in front of them, so once some are moving, they all will!

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