Sam’s Club Came Out With An Advent Calendar For Dogs

One of my favorite things I look forward to each holiday season is the chocolate advent calendar I by myself. But advent calendars you had as a child are now grown up. You can get tequila, jewelry, and now even dogs can get in on the action thanks to Sam’s Club.

The calendar includes 55 grain-free treats for your dog so they can get ready for the holidays. You can purchase it online and in-store for the low price of only $9.98. Personally, I spend thousands of dollars a year on my dog and will call it now – this advent calendar will be his favorite thing I’ve ever gotten him.

The treat’s flavors include duck fillets, duck bites, duck hamburgers, chicken fillets, chicken hamburgers, chicken bites, turkey stars, turkey bites, and a bull meat pizzle stick.

Photo: Sam’s Club

For those of you who don’t know, a pizzle stick is a dried bull penis. It sounds weird, I know, but dogs love them.

And these aren’t garbage treats, each one is 95 percent meat and FDA approved, according to The Daily Meal. The treats are also all-natural so you can be confident you are giving your furry friend something healthy.

I think I’m more excited than my dog about this advent calendar. Who’s getting one this holiday season?

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