This Adorable Yorkie Pup Is So Excited To Eat THIS Happens at :25! Cute? I Think Yes.

There are times when you really can’t hide how excited you are about the food you’re about to eat. All the foodies reading this know what I’m talking about! Whether you’re eyeing the waiter every time he brings out a new dish or you’re snapping a few pics of the delicious meal you just concocted, we’ve all been guilty of doing some pretty entertaining things in the name of food excitement, just like this hilarious yorkie pup!

This little guy is new to the whole food scene, so he gets pretty excited each time he gets to indulge in another delicious puppy food meal, understandably. The fluffy pup gets so pumped he stops worrying about his balance so much, and pops right up on his two front feet!! You won’t believe the adorable and entertaining balancing act the adorable pup busts out early on in this funny vid! You have to see it to believe it! Maybe dog food really is more tasty than it looks…

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