Warning: This Adorable Tiny Kitten Playing With Her Toys May Be Too Cute To Handle!

This video contains too much cuteness I literally just cannot even… There’s two things in the world that make my heart skip a beat: macaroni and cheese, and adorable little animals! This video contains the latter. Jessica the kitten plays with different toys, and just when you think she can’t get any cuter, she does!

First she plays with her little ball. She stares right into the camera and is basically staring directly into my soul. I can feel my heart melting!! She lies on her back the whole time while playing and just looks so comfy on that soft blanket. From playing with toys with strings to licking her stuffed animal lion, this kitty looks like she’s loving every second of it. She takes a quick break from playing with her toys to drink some milk from a bottle and it’s the cutest thing ever! Finally, she lies down to take a nap. Because being so cute can get exhausting sometimes!

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