She Went To Give This Sloth A Treat…But Then He Did Something Insanely Adorable!

Sloths are fascinating creatures, yet often overlooked. Although watching them move is like watching paint dry, they really are so cute and lovable. This one little guy in particular is living at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. A visitor holds out a little treat for him and he slowly starts climbing toward her. And by slowly, I mean SLOWLY! Eventually he gets closer to the woman, but instead of taking the treat, he puts himself on her for a hug. He didn’t want a treat, just some cuddles! Too cute!

In 1997, the Sloth Sanctuary became an authorized sloth rescue center. The founders of the center, the Arroyo family, have rescued more than 500 sloths; 120 have been rehabilitated and were released back into the home territory. Some still live there like the sloth in this video. The permanent sloth residents were mostly rescued as infants, and without the necessary life skills imparted by mother sloths, they face challenges that prevent them from being able to live on their own in the wild. Other rescued sloths that live there permanently are physically unable to live in the wild due to injuries or disabilities. But they clearly do a great job at caring for them and making them feel loved!

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