This Puppy Has A Million Toys To Play With…But She’d Rather Play With THIS Instead!

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This adorable 10-week-old German Shepherd puppy, named Heidi, has more toys than a toy store, as does most puppies. But her favorite toy is not actually a toy at all. It’s an ice cube! I can’t even judge though because thinking to back in the day, many of us had pet rocks, and thought they were the most fun things to play with. Really? I guess an ice cube could be a little more fun than a rock.

Watch as Heidi plays with the ice cube all over the kitchen. She pounces on it with her two front paws, making it slide across the floor. She then runs over to it, gives it a few licks, and picks it up with her mouth. Then she places it down and starts back from step one. She’s so adorable and it’s so cute and funny how she can entertain herself with one little ice cube. The cutest part is her ears! They’re so big and stick straight up. What a cute pup!

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