Adorable Puppy Gets A New Ball Toy… But He’s Not Too Sure What To Do With It (And It’s SO Cute)

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When you’re a kid or a puppy, getting a brand new toy is the best!! You get to have something totally new to play with and show off to all your friends! But, sometimes, figuring out exactly what to do with this new toy can be the hard part. Clearly, this hilarious pup is having some difficulty figuring out just how to play with his new, squeaky, toy ball.

This adorable puppy’s mouth is just a bit too small to bite down on the toy ball, so instead the little guy is content to bark his little heart out in the ball’s direction! Talk about adorable!! The way his little tail is wagging the whole time is just too cute! Although he’s just getting the hang of it, I think this pup will end up having a blast with all the toy balls in his future!! Who knows?? Maybe one day he’ll even get the whole fetch idea down!

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