This Adorable Kitty Gives Kisses For Treats…And It’s So Sweet!

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Many dogs are trained to do tricks for treats. Whether it’s “sit,” “roll over,” or even “give kiss,” most do them voluntarily because they want their treat and they want it now. But it isn’t often that you see a cat doing tricks, especially for treats. This 20-pound kitty, named Bigfoot, knows a thing or two about following her human’s command to get a treat.

Watch as his owner tells him to give him a kiss, while he holds the treat behind his back. Bigfoot jumps up and grabs both of his cheeks with his paws and gives him a little peck on the mouth! Then, of course, he gets his treat. And then does it again, because seeing it one time wasn’t enough! According to his owner, Bigfoot is a polydactyl, meaning he has 24 toes in total with 6 on each paw. Cute and unique!

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