This Adorable Kitty Dances To Uptown Funk In The Cutest Way! Melting!

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Unless you were living under a rock for 2015, odds are you probably heard Mark Ronson’s song, Uptown Funk, quite a few times. Whether you were at a bar, taking a drive in your car, or watching TV, there was no escaping this catchy song. It was featured on everything from the radio to commercials to TV shows and it seemed like everyone was filming themselves dancing to the upbeat song. You may have seen a few choreographed dances to Uptown Funk before, but I guarantee you’ve never seen one quite like this!

Apparently, even the animal world couldn’t get enough of Ronson’s #1 hit song featuring Bruno Mars! This adorable, little kitty has her own routine choreographed to the popular song that will funk you up! (With laughter that is!!) Make sure to watch until the end to catch the hilarious moves the kitten throws down with her paws! The way her little head bobs to the beat?! I can’t. Too cute!

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