Adorable Husky Puppy Gets Himself Stuck In A Bowl… Watch Him Try To Get Out! So Cute!

Puppies are known for being downright adorable. Even more so when they get caught doing hilarious puppy things, like getting stuck in objects around the house, chasing their own tails, or mistaking their reflection for another dog. And this husky pup is no exception!

This fluffy and adorable canine can’t quite seem to get himself out of the predicament he’s gotten himself into… The tiny pup has gotten stuck in an equally tiny bowl! You won’t be able to help cracking a smile as this lovable puppy tries to figure out his escape from this bowl contraption! Only to realize he just can’t do it! But don’t worry, his owner is on hand to help the pup out as soon as he’s done capturing this hilarious moment for us all to enjoy again and again!

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