LOOK OUT! There Is An Adorable Herd Of Bunnies Coming Your Way!

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Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Jumanji. I remember it all seemed so real, like the animals that the board-game brought to life really were wreaking havoc on that small, New England town. I used to always get scared by the stampede scene where Robin Williams’ character knew what was coming by the shaking furniture and the sound of stampeding animals coming their way. Well, it turns out stampedes aren’t so scary after all, just check out this adorable clip!

If you’re wondering where in the world you can find this many bunnies, then don’t fret. The search is over! You can experience all the cuteness that this stampede has to offer by visiting Okunoshima in Japan. Known as “rabbit island” by locals, this small island has become overrun with the fluffy, furry species. Once the rabbits were introduced to the island, well they did what rabbits tend to do, and multiplied like crazy!! You can even pretend it’s the scene from Jumanji all over again, except this time it’s a herd of adorable fluff balls! Lol!

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