This Adorable Baby Can’t Stop Laughing When His Pet Cat Does THIS!!

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Whenever I see adorable baby and pet videos online, I get so jealous! Not only do these lucky parents get to wake up to an adorable, little baby, but they also get to watch their favorite pet get to know this new addition to the family! Which can lead to some pretty hilarious moments if you know when to whip out the camera, like the family seen here!

You won’t believe what this cat is hungry for!! Once the happy, little baby gets all done his bath and is nice and clean, the cat goes right in for a quick lick of his apparently delicious tasting toes!! Lol! Seems like getting licked by a cat is quite the hilarious experience! The downright adorable baby can’t help himself from giggling every time he feels the scratchy cat tongue licking his teeny-tiny, baby toes! Talk about adorable!!

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