RSPCA Is Having A $29 Adoption Sale On Hundreds Of Animals To Clear The Shelters

Some of us may be looking into adopting a little, furry companion from the local shelter in order to help save a life, but may not have the cash to pay the adoption fee upfront. For those who may see the costs of adoption fees as a struggle, the RSPCA has a solution.

The animal rescue is planning to launch its annual “Clear the Shelters” sale this weekend. For those who aren’t aware, that means that all animals will be up for adoption but their adoption fees will be reduced to only $29.

In New South Wales, there are more than 700 adoptable animals who will be on sale – dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs, as well as farm animals, like pigs, ducks, turkeys, and horses!

$29 for a horse is not bad at all!

One of the adorable horses up for adoption is a 17-year-old miniature horse named Charlie.

Credit: RSCPA

While you can adopt a horse – or two, for that matter – for only $29, you still need to be able to provide them with a suitable living environment and adequate care.

That goes for all animals that may be adopted over the weekend. Just because the prices are very low doesn’t mean that they don’t require proper long-term care.

As the RSPCA stated, “Even though the $29 adoption fee does not come close to covering the cost of treating and caring for the animals, you can’t put a price on finding forever homes for animals in need.”

Credit: RSCPA

This year, there is a particular emphasis on Kevin, a Great Dane and Mastiff mix who was sadly one of the only animals last year to not find a home during the blowout sale.

Kevin has been in the shelter system for just over 100 days so it would certainly be nice if he could find his forever family this time around. Currently, Kevin is being fostered, however, Ashley Stephenson with the RSPCA would like it if “this year is his lucky year.”

Credit: RSCPA

The adoption drive begins Friday and lasts the course of three days.

Last year’s sale was so successful that 2,654 animals got adopted! That is a lot of happy pets, for sure! The RSPCA is keeping all limbs and appendages crossed this year that they will experience similar rates of success for 2020.

Ashley Stephenson said, according to LADbible, “This weekend we want people looking for a new family member to consider adopting, not shopping.”

So, if you have been contemplating getting a pet, then this weekend would be a great chance to take advantage of discounted adoption fees. However, just because there is a good deal going doesn’t mean that you can throw all sense of responsibility out the window – pets require stability and care.

Before you rush to adopt a $29 pet remember that you’re making a life-long commitment.

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