7-Year-Old Shelter Dog Is So Excited About Being Adopted, She Can’t Even Contain Her Excitement!

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Coso, a seven-year-old Australian Sheepdog mix, was given up when her family couldn’t take care of her anymore. She has been at Lort Smith Animal Hospital, a non-profit animal rescue in North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, waiting for her furever family. As the days passed, they began to think she wouldn’t find a family to love her.

But boy were they wrong! Coso finally found a furever family to love and care for her the rest of her years. Coso was so happy to finally be adopted, and showed just how excited she was in the family photo that they took before she left the shelter with her new family. You can see the woman and her son crouching down next to Coco, who is sitting on her hind legs with her arms and paws in the air and a big smile on her face. Seeing this picture warms my heart and makes me so happy that Coso finally has found people that will continue to light her face up just as it is in the photo.

Moments like this is why it’s so important to adopt and not shop! There are millions of dogs (and cats) sitting in shelters across the country (and world), waiting for someone to come and love them. Next time you’re thinking of getting a new pet, head to Adopt-a-Pet.com to make an animal as happy as this family has made Coso!

Lort Smith

Lort Smith

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