They Rescued A Baby Raccoon From Inside The Walls Of Their Home. Now, He’s Living The Good Life!

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A baby raccoon climbed into a couple’s attic in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and got stuck inside the walls of their home. Brittany Cusanek and her fiancé Jeremey Brown had heard noises coming from the attic for weeks before discovering the little guy. One day they heard a screech that woke both of them up. They tore a hole in the wall and rescued the baby raccoon.

They put him in a box and did their research to learn how to properly take care of him. They woke up every four hours to bottle-feed the raccoon, who they named Leroy. They also consulted with a local veterinarian who told them to be wary of feeding him a high-fat diet since most domesticated raccoons die of obesity. Leroy now eats a healthy diet of mostly fruits and nuts.

Leroy mostly stays inside and gets along great with their older dog, Juno. He loves to play around and also follows the couple in the backyard sometimes to go exploring but he never runs off. You can follow Leroy’s adventures on their Instagram page.

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