An Arctic Fox Enjoys His Senior Days in a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Arctic Fox Daily is a wildlife rescue center that serves as a fox sanctuary and wildlife rehabilitation. One of the foxes living under their care is Archie. According to Kimberly, Archie was dropped off to a dog shelter in Colorado. He is a senior fox at eight years old and completely blind. After being taken at a dog shelter in Colorado, Archie was transferred to a fox rescue center in Minnesota. Archie wasn’t happy about his stay in the previous centers until he arrived at Kimberly’s fox sanctuary.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“When Archie first got here, he was definitely reserved, but what’s really cool is that Archie, fast forward a little bit, has completely come out of his shell. Archie knows how to come to the word treat,” says Kimberly. “If I’m gonna reach down and touch him, I give him a little bit of warning, and I’ll use the term touch,” Kimberly continued.

Archie must have been traumatized by what he went through before he came to Arctic Fox Daily. Thankfully, he and Kimberly were able to slowly create a bond that made Archie trust a human again. Archie was indeed spending the best days of his senior life in the fox rehab, because he got himself a girlfriend. Lulu is his sweet and playful fox partner. However, both are already fixed and won’t be able to reproduce an adorable kit.

Kimberly shared that Lulu and Archie can be depicted as an old married couple. Lulu will often nitpick on Archie, but the sweet arctic fox seems not bothered at all. Archie is just really enjoying his time with Lulu, and it appears he’s already used to it. Lulu just gave Archie another reason to enjoy his senior years. The rehabilitation center gave him new people and foxes to love — a place where he is healed and loved.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“He does show his age a little bit now. Earlier this year, he straight up grew his winter coat when he wasn’t supposed to and then shed it when everybody else was actually starting to grow theirs in,” Kimberly shared.

The average lifespan of an arctic fox is ten years old, and Archie is approaching that age. It’s good that Kimberly adopted him — he still had the chance to recover and live his best life. Kimberly treasures her bond with Archie, saying she doesn’t treat him as a pet. She sees Archie as an equal, making the bond even more special. She says it is her way of showing respect for Archie’s wild nature.

You can help the residents of Arctic Fox Daily to have the best days of their life. Visit their website or Instagram page if you want to reach them. Contribute to the inspiring advocacy Kimberly has established through the years. These animals need a safe place to stay, and Arctic Fox Daily can continue to provide that with your support.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“A lot of people wonder why I put so much time and energy into these animals who others might think just aren’t worth it. I’ve seen the reward of giving them a happy life. And it made me wanna try even harder with Archie to see if I could give him the happiest life ever. And it is more rewarding than I thought it would be. He doesn’t have any care in the world about being blind. He doesn’t know any different. He just thinks he’s living his best life,” says Kimberly.

Watch the video below to see the sweetest senior arctic fox live the life he deserves.

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