Add some joy (A Pet) to your life this weekend FREE: 5/31-6/1

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This weekend you can adopt a pet for free! Nationwide, more than 200 animal shelters in nearly 600 cities across the country coordinated and financed by Maddie’s Fund, a charitable foundation that helps save homeless and sheltered animals have teamed up to make this possible!

This is one of the largest Pet Adoption events to happen in history. Spanning across 9 states, 591 cities and having over 10,000 pets up for adoption the chance of bringing joy to your life and to someone else’s this weekend is immense! Visit [highlight] [/highlight]for more information and join the in the lifesaving event.

The goal of this weekend is to try and get the shelters empty so that they can be filled right back up with animals that are coming in. Shelters are known to be overcrowded and never have enough room. Shelter pets are wonderful animals and tend to be the most appreciative! There are many positive affects to having a pet and many wonderful experiences that come out of it.

Stay tuned throughout the weekend for Adoption themed posts throughout FamilyPet’s Adoption Weekend!


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