38 Dogs Rescued From Deplorable Conditions Are Sleeping On Soft Blankets For The First Time

Together we change the world…and this time it was for pets.

Adams County SPCA sent a humane officer to the small home after receiving a call from a concerned citizen. Upon arriving at the home, the officer smelt an awful odor coming from inside the home. Inside were 38 Chinese Crested dogs forced to live in cramped cages stacked on top of one another.

All the dogs and one cat were rescued from the deplorable conditions. The dogs were matted, covered in fleas, and infested with worms. In addition, they were terrified because of their lack of socialization. After receiving medicated baths and haircuts, the dogs were ready to rest.

Photos: Adams County SPCA

For the first time they would each have their own soft blanket to rest on. Thanks to your donations, GreaterGood was able to ship out soft new blankets to comfort all of the neglected dogs.

Photos: Adams County SPCA

Tammy VanMeter, Assistant Manager at the rescue, wrote in an email to GreaterGood, “All of the pups are really starting to come around & are becoming more & more social!!”

Photos: Adams County SPCA

She went on to tell us about one of the little dogs that was near death. “Little ‘Olivia’ who is my ‘office mate’ was knocking on deaths door when she first got here. The poor little thing wouldn’t move, wouldn’t eat …. was very, very sick! I would lay in her kennel with her trying to hand feed her & I just knew something was very, very wrong!!!”

Photo: Adams County SPCA

A vet discovered that Olivia had a pyrometra and very infected teeth. “We did emergency surgery on her to
remove the infected uterus & several teeth. I had one wish to see her a happy, bubbly, jumping around little girl & my wish came true!! She is now a very happy, dancing around, eating lots of food, gained 2 pounds beautiful little girl & is now my sidekick!!”

Photo: Adams County SPCA

Each dog snuggled up into a blanket and new bed after being fed some tasty treats that we sent along. They all thank you for your generosity and would cover you in kisses if they could.

You can help even more shelter dogs with a small donation. Just $10 provides 100 bowls of dog food, one warm bed, and the vaccination of one shelter dog.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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