Stray Puppy That Had Her Snout Stomped On Has Finally Found A Home

A puppy in Russia lost her snout after being abused and shot at. She had surgery that turned her life around and now she is living in a forever home. Millie, known fondly as “snout master” by Kasey Carlin, her 25-year-old rescuer, had a very difficult time in life. She was born in Russia and was a stray on the streets. When she was found by activists, she was in sorry shape.

Millie had been shot a number of times and the damage to her snout was likely because someone stomped on her deliberately. Millie was trying to claw her snout away when she was rescued. When Kasey heard the story, she knew that she had to do something. She spent weeks raising money and exchanging emails with the Russian animal sanctuary in Vyberimenya where Millie was based.

Eventually, she was able to negotiate the evacuation of the dog to the UK, according to the Daily Mail.

When Millie made it to the UK about a month ago she had more surgeries so she could lead a normal life. Her right eye had to be removed due to bullet shrapnel being embedded when she was younger. It must’ve been an extremely painful condition. A new nose was also attached.

“When I saw her, I just fell in love with her instantaneously. She had no nose and a tube to help her breathe and smell but she was just so happy in her videos. My heart melted and I had to have her,” said Kasey who was happy to have Millie. “My desire to give her a loving home only increased after I heard about her story.”

“It’s possible that she was hit by a car but it’s much more likely she was stamped on as her injuries are almost all on her face. There were several bullets in her too. We’re not sure if she was used as target practice before or if someone tried and failed to euthanize her – it’s more likely to be the former sadly. I found Millie’s images on Instagram and then I posted in every one of her photos and sent multiple messages to get in contact and see if she’s still available for adoption. I finally google translated my messages and Irina from the shelter Vyberimenya spoke with me. In less than a week we had raised the funds to get her the specialist care she needed that would give her the life-changing surgery she desperately needed.”

Kasey now has four dogs, Mishka, Maggie, and Millie, and a foster, Bella. “I’ve always loved animals and always wanted to be a vet or conservationist when I got older. Now I get to work as an animal rescuer and therapist and it’s just the best work. I love it. I love all my pets equally and they’re just normal dogs, none of them suffer at all. They eat, drink, and play like any other dog. They’re super happy and they make everyone they meet happy too. Considering everything they’ve been through, their spirit just constantly overwhelms me. They have so much love to give and they just want to be around people making them happy. They’re perfect,” she said.

People on twitter were quick to respond and express their admiration for Milly. Pat Bermingham said, “This young lady is a complete .darling .one heart of gold and these beautiful .dogs are meant to be .in this gorgeous young lady .care and attention .bless .her and these wonderful dogs .such a sad .and lovely story ..they are also gorgeous .long life to them .with there .beautiful young lady.”

Delores Walters added, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart taking this beautiful animal and deer home and loving the animal to death probably the first time she’s ever been loved may God bless you and the beautiful animal.

Sally Nagle further added, “U poor baby. But so happy you have found a lovely lady to love and care for you the way you deserve. To the .ucking .unts who did this to you, keep a lookout because you never know when the devil comes knocking.”

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