If It Weren’t For Their Beloved Border Collie, This Family Might Not Be Alive Today…

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Dogs have such an amazing sense of smell that oftentimes they can detect things that we’d never know about, like this dog who sensed a fire in the walls and saved his owners life. Well, this Border Collie, named Abby, saved her family’s life as well. Nicole Siekert and her two little daughters, from Hartland, Wisconsin, woke up feeling very off. The girls went to school and Siekert stayed home, feeling very dizzy. Little did she know, she was slowly being poisoned!

Abby wouldn’t let her human take a nap; she kept pawing at her, barking, and wouldn’t leave her alone. She eventually led Siekert downstairs to a faint beeping sound that had been coming from her carbon monoxide alarm. It turns out that there was a gas leak in the house, and if it weren’t for Abby, the family could have died!

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