Animal Center Rescues Three Puppies That Were Abandoned After The Shooting Of Street Dogs

Two hard-working animal rescues have worked together in order to save three adorable puppies and they are now looking for forever homes.

Bear, Lady, and Ruffian were only two weeks old when they were abandoned on the streets of Louisiana. Their mother and five other dogs had been shot dead by local residents.

Many animal shelters are closing temporarily due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Louisiana has also seen its fair share of problems with homeless animals and overpopulation in the shelters. Citizens are trying to fix the issues themselves by shooting dogs in the streets. A press release from the Helen Woodward Animal Center explained the situation.

A local resident noticed six dogs dying in the road earlier this month. One was a mother who was taking care of her puppies underneath the shed that was closed by a school.

The school lunch lady was alerted by the concerned citizen and she found Bear, Lady, and Ruffian and took them in. She bottle-fed them before contacting the Humane Society, Heart of Louisiana, for assistance.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center then received the puppies in Rancho Santa Fe, California on April 17. The puppies now have their health checkups, vaccinations, and microchips.

“Heart of Louisiana has been an incredible rescue partner,” Helen Woodward Animal Center’s operations director, Jennifer Shorey, said in a release.

She continued, “Despite the closures of so many shelters out in rural Louisiana, they are continuing to do the hard work of rounding up these orphan pets and securing them transports to safety. We are honored to be a part of saving these lives.”

The three pups will be spayed and neutered so they can start looking for forever homes.

“We cannot express our gratitude enough for Helen Woodward Animal Center,” Heart of Louisiana Humane Society spokesperson Caitlin Hemphill said. “Without them, so many more animals here would perish. It takes a village and we are forever grateful to be a part of this amazing team.”

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