The Rescued An Abandoned Pit Bull Of The Street. Five Days Later, They Realized Something Incredible

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A young Pit bull, named Lollie, was abandoned on the streets after her family moved. Not only was she now considered a stray, but she was also starving, terrified, and not to mention pregnant! She needed to be rescued before giving birth so that she and her puppies would be under proper care, and that is where Hope For Paws stepped in.

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, attempted to get Lollie but since she was scared of people, she didn’t make this an easy task. She ran away and crawled under a house to hide. Volunteers tried coaxing her with pieces of food, but she didn’t want any. Eventually, the volunteer got close enough to gently pet her face, to show her that they are there to help her, not hurt her. After a few minutes of petting, they got a leash on her and put her in a crate. They brought her back to their shelter and gave her a bath. Five days later, Lollie gave birth to nine adorable puppies! Luckily, they found furever homes for every single one of them. Since this video came out, Lollie has found a furever home too!!

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