Kitten With Mustache Winning Over Hearts Everywhere

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This adorable kitten was found dumped in a Salvation Army donation bin in Fresno, California. Workers heard her crying for help and quickly got her out. The workers didn’t want her ending up at a high-kill shelter, so they called the Cat House on the Kings, a sanctuary and adoption center for pets. She then received the name Sally Ann. She is doing well and recovering nicely from her spay surgery that she just had. Aside from being spayed, she was also vaccinated, tested, and microchipped.

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The next step is finding her a furever home! This won’t be hard, as the sanctuary has already received two dozen applications that they’re going through to find the perfect fit. What makes this kitten so unique is the little dark patch under her nose that looks like a perfect mustache! Just look at that face! She’s definitely a famous social media star in the making. How could anyone abandon her?! We are so glad that she’s safe now!

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