Abandoned Kitten Adopted By Cat Who Miscarried After Being Hit By Car

The black cat and tortie kitten combo pictures in the following viral video both survived traumatic ordeals, but they also have each other to be thankful for this season.

According to reddit user badbitchwario, the black cat was pregnant with four kittens when she was hit by a car. The resulting injuries sent her into early labor, and caused her to miscarry all four

“It was so heartbreaking when they found her,” u/badbitchwario wrote. “It was like she just gave up.”

The video shows the black cat sitting in a litter box, nuzzling a tiny sortie who was abandoned by her mother.

Source: reddit/u/Master1718
The kitten was abandoned by its mother.

Another Redditor, u/bigrifff, said the black cat’s behavior was consistent with an animal that had suffered a great deal.

“First thing I noticed was that the new mama cat is sitting in her litter box,” u/bigrifff wrote. “My cat has serious anxiety issues, and when it’s especially bad (like after our recent move) he retreats to his box as a safe place (our vet calls it “box sitting” and has seen it several times throughout her career). If we don’t encourage him out of the box and love on him, he will literally spend days there. So immediately I could tell that the mama cat is in distress, so her being affectionate so quickly from that emotional state is really profound.”

Source: reddit/u/Master1718
The mother cat was distressed from the loss of her babies.

“Retreating to their box is common when they get somewhere they’re unfamiliar with: the smell of the litter box is the core of their territory and the place they identify most as ‘theirs’, which is why they go there when they’re anxious,” added Redditor u/BellerophonM.

Source: reddit/u/Master1718
It took a few moments to warm up to the new baby.

Thankfully, this matchup has a happy ending. The new mother won’t be spending much more time in her litter box now that she has found a new home.

Source: reddit/u/Master1718
Before long, the mother was cleaning the baby kitten with her tongue.

“The guy who found her and notified animal services came back and adopted her when she was clear for adoption,” wrote u/badbitchwario. “He said it was fate.”

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