This Orphaned Foal Had A Rough Start To Life. But Now She Has THIS To Keep Her Safe And Warm!

This adorable baby horse, later named Charli Promise, was found wandering around on her own near the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon. Several rescue groups worked together to get her the emergency care she needed in order to have a chance to survive.

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They rushed her to the Bend Equine Medical Center to get her immediate help. She was emaciated, weak and had wounds all over her body. She had exposed bone on her forehead, and also had pneumonia. She had already been through a lot in her first week on this Earth.

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It’s unknown how she got all of these injuries, or where her mother even was. They believe that her mom may have died in a car accident, leaving this poor baby orphaned. Charli remained in critical care for four days after her arrival, while 3 Sisters Equine Refuge oversees her care. Thankfully she is well on her way to a full recovery!

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She is still on medication and has to be fed every four hours. But she has been gaining weight and becoming stronger every single day! Charli is now over two weeks old, but times aren’t always easy without a mother. They wanted to give her something to give her the comfort a mother would, so they gave her a big stuffed animal dog. She loved it immediately and always cuddles with it. It makes the perfect snuggle buddy when it’s time for bed. And she looks cute as ever while lying with it!

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In the next few weeks, they plan to introduce Charli to another young horse in their care. She’ll also spend more time with a mare named Maxine, who has been like an aunt figure for both of the foals. When Charli first arrived, they weren’t sure if she’d survive; now, she is growing up to be a happy, normal horse. And she is loved SO much!

If you’d like to help with Charli’s recovery, you can make a donation to their rescue by clicking here.

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