Abandoned On The Curb With A Pile Of Garbage, Boo Is Trying To Find A Better Life!

Seeing a pile of trash on the curb after a neighbor moves out isn’t terribly unusual. However, people in a Michigan town witnessed a family leave something tragic with their garbage pile, their pet dog Boo.


Boo kept vigil for nearly a month waiting on his family to come back. He made his bed on an old mattress the family had ditched. A concerned neighbor would leave food and water, but no one gave him shelter, and no shelter that was contacted would take Boo because of his breed. A call finally went out to Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue. Founder Mike Diesel went to try and save Boo before something even more unthinkable happened.


Diesel sat with Boo 11 HOURS on the first day. He fed him hamburgers and chicken to help build a trust. He left at 2 a.m. only to return at 10 that morning with breakfast in tow. Boo finally, with the help of McDonald’s breakfast, began to trust Diesel enough to let him pick him up, and was immediately taken to a veterinarian to be examined.


It turns out that Boo does have heartworms, but is in the process of being treated. Once he’s given a clean bill of health, Mike and the rest of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue will be searching for a loving home for Boo. He turned out to be a loving, gentle, and friendly dog who enjoys playing with other dogs. How anyone could abandon him so callously is a mystery, but now he has a second chance to find a home.


You can keep up with Boo’s recovery and adoption on the Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue Facebook page. They are also raising funds to help pay for the necessary medical treatment. Considering how adorable and wonderful Boo is, he hopefully won’t have to wait long for a great home.

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