Dog Abandoned at an Auto Shop Built So Much Anxiety, But Rescuers Never Gave Up on Her

Trauma in dogs is rooted in various causes, and symptoms show in different ways. It usually starts with exposure to stress, neglect, and abuse. As anxiety builds up, their response to their surroundings becomes distorted. For this reason, a dog will act defensively when approached by a human. They’ll start getting violent, as they deem everyone a threat. Dogs will guard themselves to the point that they opt for isolation. It’s saddening to witness a fur of sunshine turn into the saddest creature. The weight of the trauma is reflected in their actions. Patience is vital in dealing with traumatized dogs — pushing them only scares them even more. They need to be surrounded by those who genuinely understand in order to heal.

Photo: Youtube/Hope For Paws

Thankfully, there are animal rescuers and citizens that see the reason behind a dog’s behavior. They don’t deem traumatized dogs as savages or unfriendly — it’s the anxiety talking. Handling the abandoned animal requires baby steps, which Hope for Paws knew during a rescue mission at an auto shop. Concerned citizens reached out to their rescue center to lend help to an abandoned dog. Her previous owners left her at the auto shop eight months ago. Since then, she has kept hiding under trailers and cars — avoiding all contact with humans.

Photo: Youtube/Hope For Paws

When JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick arrived at the auto shop, the canine was under a trailer. They tried calling her but to no avail. The team never rushed the dog and waited for her to come out on her own. Food was also provided from a safe distance, and she happily ate as she wagged her tail. The rescuers began to win her trust, but then she hid under a vehicle. It became the most difficult part of the rescue because they did not want to scare her with sudden movements. Hope For Paws waited for her — they were adamant about giving her the opportunity to heal and find a forever home.

When sweet calls did not work, they opted for snares to catch her. Although in a complicated position, the rescuers ensured that the snare wouldn’t hurt her. After several tries, JoAnn and Katie transferred the canine to a crate. Their first priority was to give her a medical checkup. Auto shop employees helped them transport the anxious dog to CARES. Aside from a health checkup, they bathed her to remove the motor oil on her body. The rescued dog also gained the name Blue Bayou. Although she was scared of interactions, Blue Bayou behaved like a good girl during bath time. Everyone ensured that she was comfortable, which helped ease her anxiety.

Photo: Youtube/Hope For Paws

Blue Bayou showed impressive progress, especially when she trained for socialization with the help of Andrew Rosenthal and LA Dogworks. She’s not terrified of others anymore — sunshine finally replaced her dark clouds. Thankfully, Hope for Paws did not give up on her. Their team did everything they could to provide Blue Bayou the best life and even found her a new family.

Happiness looks good on everyone, and you’ll see that in the video below. Aside from Blue Bayou, the animal rescue has been the support system for various animals. Help them spread hope to those whose lights were dimmed due to trauma. Visit their website to learn more about their mission.

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