Living Under Cars For The Past Year, He Began To Forget What Human Touch Felt Like

Someone contacted Hope For Paws regarding a dog who was in desperate need to help. He had been living in a parking lot for seven months, and the only shelter he had was underneath the cars.

A Hope For Paws volunteer, Lisa Chiarelli, tried to gain his trust by offering him food. He remained under the car and seemed uninterested, until he finally peaked out to grab some of the food. As Chiarelli tried to get closer to the dog to put the leash around him, he crawled out from under the car and went under the next one before running off to hide under a table.

They were finally able to catch him using a snare, but the dog was terrified. He squealed and shrieked in fear and tried to get away. He didn’t understand that they were there to help him, not hurt him.

Eventually he calmed down and allowed them to touch him. He was actually very sweet and friendly! They named him Aaron and placed a leash around him. The poor dog was covered in ticks and fleas and had very bad mange. They brought him to the hospital where he was treated with proper medication and given a bath.

They scanned him to see if he had a microchip, but sadly, he didn’t. But what matters most is that Aaron is now safe and in loving hands! After just three days, he was already feeling much better and wagging his tail. He even made new doggy friends.

If you’re interested in adopting Aaron, contact

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