A Wild Rabbit Sees A Pet Bunny And It’s Love At First Sight!

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It was a nice spring day, so this man decided to leave his back sliding door open. His pet bunny, Pep, was sitting in front of the screen, which happens to be her favorite spot. Pep was looking out the door to the deck in the backyard, when suddenly, an unexpected visitor showed up! A domestic rabbit made his way onto their deck and was hopping along, when he noticed Pep inside. Pep was probably wondering what this poor little bunny was doing outdoors, lol!

After the wild rabbit stares at Pep for a bit, he decides to come over to him. He gets closer and closer to the door, and before you know it, the both of them are nuzzling each other through the screen. The rabbit wants to come inside, but he isn’t quite sure how. He puts his little paws up on the screen and tries his best to get in, but fails. After the rabbit keeps scratching on the door, pep decides to go into her cardboard box. Pep probably didn’t like all the attention. But, needless to say, it was so cute to watch!

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