A Therapy Dog Named Chloe

In Franklin, KY, there lives a therapy dog named Chloe Anna. She is a long-haired miniature dachshund. She shares her home with her humans, two other doxies, and a fat orange cat. Chloe became a therapy dog in 2009. She enjoys people and other dogs and just life itself.

Chloe visits a local elementary school. The kids love to see her walking down the hallway, tail wagging happily. She has a special way of listening to children read that warms the heart. Every child clamors for the chance to have their turn. There is a special girl in a wheel chair that has cerebral palsy who lights up when she sees Chloe. This little girl can’t talk, but she doesn’t have to when Chloe is in her arms. The expression is there in her eyes.
Chloe also visits the local nursing home and assisted living home. She is always a big hit there because she is so calm, and it doesn’t hurt that she is cute as a button! Studies have shown that visits from animals in hospitals improve patients’ moods. There’s something about a soft, sweet pup’s head to pat that does a body good.
Chloe is a special dog that brings light and love into many people’s lives. I’m so glad she’s mine.
Shanna Moore is an avid dog lover and owner of Chloe, Toby, and Gracie, three miniature dachshunds. Chloe and Shanna are a therapy dog team. You can find them on Facebook at PAWSitive Reading Partners.

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