A Brief History of Famous Dog Lovers

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A Brief History of Famous Dog Lovers

From Presidents to famous celebrities, the rich and powerful have had a love for dogs since the birth of the United States. In fact, many historians only study the presidential pets kept by those in office. Many of these Presidents were adamant dog lovers, rather than just dog owners.

For example, George Washington, the first President, had 10 hounds: all extremely loyal to their owner. Accredited to instituting the first dog license, Thomas Jefferson owned a sheepdog. The list goes on: Abraham Lincoln owned at least two pooches and had an affinity for doggies; Theodore Roosevelt had a variety of dogs, ranging from a Pitbull Terrier to a Chesapeake Retriever; and Calvin Coolidge may be the biggest dog lover of them all. It’s been recorded that Coolidge owned a minimum of 12 pups during his lifetime!

As history goes on, it was known that actress Elizabeth Taylor was a huge animal lover, and cared for both dogs and horses. Even some dogs shared the spotlight with these famous celebrities, and debuted on the small screen, such as Eddie from the show, “Fraiser,” as well as Lassie and Benji – both pooches so famous they not only were the namesake for their respective shows, and movies, but they are still to this day regarded as stars!

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