This 90-Year-Old World War II Vet Goes Sledding, But Not Without His Loyal Canine By His Side!

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You don’t have to be young to be adventurous! This 90-year-old man, named Claude Bratcher, had a blast sledding down the hill, pulled by an ATV, with none other than his cute furry best friend running by his side. You can tell that they share an amazing, inseparable bond after watching this video!

A GoPro camera captured this awesome footage. Watch as Bratcher makes his way down the hill, being pulled so fast. His pup stays by his side for the entire ride down! I can’t believe he can even keep up! Two minutes into the video he starts to get a little behind, but runs even faster to catch up. He never wants to leave his owners side. You can tell how much love he has for him. He’s just too cute!!

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