This Man Is On An Incredible Journey With His Dying Dog To Complete Their 81-Item Bucket List.

Todd Burchanowski, of Erie, Pennsylvania, received the devastating news that his furry best friend’s life would be cut short due to terminal cancer. So, he made a bucket list of 81 things for him and his 8-year-old dog Reyes to experience together before she leaves Earth. His goal is to make her last days as fun-filled as possible. And he’s doing a great job at it!

Watching a sunset on the beach, taking a relaxing bubble bath, building a snowman, eating french fries, visiting Niagara Falls, helping with the weather forecast on TV, and even having a mock dog wedding, are just a few of the many things off their bucket list that they’ve already accomplished. Todd says this whole experience has helped him change his life for the better; he no longer wants to live the stagnant life his day-to-day routine had become.

“I want people to see this dog as just the beautiful dog that she is and how happy she has made me,” said Todd. “I hope that during this process she can put a smile on someone’s face like the eight years that she has always put a smile on my face. The bucket list is really for her and in the end, the support has really helped me out throughout an unbelievably tough time.” Well, Reyes and Todd have definitely brought a big smile to my face, as well as tears to my eyes. I am glad that Reyes as an owner as loving as Todd to make the last of her days as amazing as possible!!

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