8 Facial Expressions That Tell You Exactly What Your Dog is Thinking

You can usually tell by a dogs body language what they’re thinking or how they are feeling. Ears back and tail down usually signifies that they are scared, tail wagging usually means they are excited, etc. But we can’t ignore the gaggle of funny facial expressions canine’s often make that tend to tell us exactly what they’re thinking!

1. The “I’m so tired I can’t even control my tongue” face:

2. The “You should be ashamed of yourself for eating all of that and not giving me any”:

dog wants food

3. “Is that a housefly or an intergalactic space predator?”:

scared dog

4. “I didn’t do whatever it is you think I may have done”:
guilty dog

5.  The existential “Why are we here? What is life? Why are cats so dumb?” face:

existential pug

6. The “Why are you speaking to me in that ridiculous voice” head tilt:
confused dog

7. “I can’t even today”

cant even dog

8. “Stop asking me ‘whose a good boy?’, I told you I don’t know!”

whose a good boy

What sort of funny facial expressions does your dog make?! How about a funny bark or sound? We just can’t get enough of every canine’s funny little quirks!

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