7 Reasons Why You Should Pawsitively Take Your Dog On Your Next Road Trip

Travel exposes us to different cultures and perspectives and opens our eyes to the magnificent world around us. Experiencing adventure is important, even if it just means taking a road trip; but it’s just as important to share it, too. So next time you feel like embarking on a trip, don’t think twice about bringing your furry friend along! Here’s why:

1. They will never be backseat drivers

You can drive however you want without hearing that you’re driving too fast or too slow. You can stop for breaks as often or as little as you’d like–they’d be fine with either. They won’t keep asking, “Are we there yet?” The only condition they might have is that you let them stick their head out the window.

1. backseat drivers

2. They’ll keep you company without talking your ear off

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a full-fledged conversation with our dog before when we’re the only two in the room. They may not have much to say, but they sure are great listeners! Road trips can be very long and are a great opportunity to clear your head and talk about the things that are bothering you, even if your furry friend is the only one listening.

2. keep company

3. They’ll eat anything

Choosing where to eat each day won’t lead to an argument or a game of rock-paper-scissors. Whether it’s a cheesesteak from Pennsylvania, deep dish pizza from Illinois or chicken-fried steak from Wyoming, your dog will eat just about anything without complaining and would be thankful for it too.

3. eat anything

4. They’re part of the family

My mom has always told my brother and I that our dog is her favorite child. I don’t think she’s alone in referring to the family pet as one of the children. They live with us, eat with us, sleep with us, and are there waiting for us at the door until we arrive home. Would you ever leave one of your little kids behind when going on vacation? I didn’t think so.

4. part of family

5. It’s good to get them out of the house

Some dogs spend their time lounging around the house, while others love playing outside or going for walks. Yet nothing compares to showing them what the world is like outside of their neighborhood. Stop often at rest stops along the way and let your dog sniff out the new smells.

5. out of house

6. They deserve to see the world just as much as you do

How would you feel if you only knew the world from your front door? Dogs’ lives are short and should be packed with as much fun and love as possible.

6. see the world

 7. Everything is more fun with your best friend!

You’ll have a great time spending quality time with your pup while exploring the world around you at the same time. You’ll now have many happy memories that will always be with you, even when your best friend no longer is.

7. best friend

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