7 Dog Selfies – Hilarious photos

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These 7 ADORABLE Doggy Selfies are simply priceless! Have you ever taken a photo of your dog or cat and made it look like a SELFIE? ‘Comment’ below!

I’m not sure what face he’s trying to make. The duck face maybe? LOL! What do you think? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!

This gangsta doggy is taking a selfie photo! Cool, huh? LOL! Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Perfect selfie photo doggy! Good job! Leave a comment for this cutie!

This photo may be photoshopped but it’s just too funny, right?! Drop a comment to share your thoughts!

“Taking a picture of me and my best buddy! Good times!” Such a sweet picture! Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!

While in the yard, take a picture; take a selfie! Drop a COMMENT for this doggy!

I think you pressed the zoom accidentally! LOL! Leave a comment for this doggy!

Lovable Dog At Vet Becomes Viral Hero After Taking Shots Like A Champ.: Click “Next” below!

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