6 Dog Training Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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Does your dog eat too fast? Does your dog bite the leash on walks? See solutions to those problems and more in this list of six dog training tips.

1.  When using KONG toys to keep your dog busy, try stuffing and then freezing them to make them last longer (and as a cooling treat during summer). I usually keep one in use and one in the freezer for each dog. You can fill with a little canned food mixed with their regular kibble, or any combination of peanut butter, unflavored yogurt, left over mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes. Use your imagination to make them extra yummy as well as long-lasting.

2.  If you have a dog that eats his or her food too fast, there are several things you can do to slow them down.

  • Feed meals from a KONG or food cube.
  • Feed meals from a muffin tin.
  • Put a large rock or upside down bowl in the food bowl so they have to go around the object to get the food.

3.  Another great use of a muffin tin is to put tennis balls in the cups with a small treat under it and let your dog find the treat. The size of the tennis ball is perfect to make it a challenge to get to the treat. This can keep your dog occupied for long stretches of time, and it keeps his mind busy figuring out how to get to the treat.

4.  If you have a dog that is a leash biter while walking, try putting some hand sanitizer or Listerine on your hands and then running your hands up and down the leash. Most dogs will not like the taste and will stop grabbing the leash to bite it.

5.  If your dog is affected by storms, you can rub him down with an anti-static dryer sheet. Some dogs are sensitive to the static electricity in the air before and during a storm (sometimes you will see these dogs heading for the bath tub). By rubbing the dryer sheet on them, you should find the storm doesn’t bother them as much – and they will smell great!

6.  If your dog is bored with his or her toys, but they are still in good condition, try one of two things. Select 1/3 of your dog’s toys for him or her to have available now. Hide the rest of them away and rotate them out every few weeks. They will seem like new toys again. Or try trading toys with a friend. Dogs are always interested in “the other dog’s toy.” They will be very interested because of the different scents. Trade back and forth every few weeks.

Let me know your tips!

Terry Meeks is a dog trainer, APDT Member an CGC Evaluator in Pinellas County, Florida.  Find Four on the Floor Dog Training at FourontheFloor-Dogtraining.com and on Facebook.

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