5 Wet Signs Your Dog Is A Pluviophile

To some of us, the rain is a scary occurrence. The mixture of thunder, lightning, and heavy downpour can cause even the toughest men and women to cower in fear. Then, there are those that enjoy the rain. These people are called pluviophiles. They enjoy the smell of rain, the sound of the rain, and turning back into a five year old in order to play in the rain. These pluviophiles also have dog counterparts. Dogs who are pluviophiles are mesmerized by the rain. It completely changes their mood and you can tell that your pet is in a different world when the sky turns grey. Most dogs are skeptical of going out in the rain because the loud sounds hurt their sensitive ears. But your dog may be one of the rare ones that love the rain showers. Here are five signs your dog is a pluviophile.

1.Stares Out the Window When It Rains



When the rain comes down, your puppy rushes to the nearest window and stares out the window in silence. Your little one is captivated by the drip drops landing a few feet away from them. It is probably the calmest you’ve seen him.

2.Begs to Go Outside When It Rains



You may not have the most relaxed dog ever and staring out the window may not be an option. When it starts to rain, your dog runs straight to the door and paws at it like it’s his job. The urge to go outside is strong and he won’t stop till he is outside getting soaked.

3.Obsessed With Puddles


Once your little buddy is outside, during or after the rainfall, he heads straight for the huge puddle of water. He rolls around in it, jumps in it, and becomes a huge wet, muddy mess. You don’t mind because it obviously brings great joy to your puppy.

4.Perfect During Bath Time


Another sign that your dog may be a pluviophile is if they are a perfect little angel during bath time. There is no trying to runaway or annoyance when you are getting your dog all nice and clean. He actually enjoys the soothing sensation from the massage with soap and water.

5.The First of the Family to Jump In the Pool


Like most people, I ease my way into the pool. I start from the shallow end and dip my feet in to test the water. Slowly, but surely, I submerge my entire body into the pool. Your puppy is the complete opposite. He is the first to jump right in, with no hesitation. And he stays in the water for an oddly long period of time.

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